Welcome to Turul

Turul is akin to a Command and Control framework, but rather than being a static set of code it evolves shifts and shapes owing to being powered by an automated code generation tool at the moment which we will develop into mechanisms focused per defensive system.

While we presented some insight into our initial approach here:

The reality is is that development is ongoing, the thinking and knowledgebase has evolved significantly, and we aim to bring to market numerous grades of capability to serve different segments of the offensive cyber landscape.

For now Turul is a C2 framework, and associated implant generation framework whose aim is to reliably and consistently evade both Gartner Top EDRs but also to work in post exploitation against Network Detections and Response, Threat Hunting, Sandbox and other systems.

This page will be contiunously evolving, and while our current automation is not yet precise, we have amibitons to develop highly accurate and precise evasions for single tools, and for a range of tools that currently work together in parallel to contain, respond and eliminate adversary threats.

If you want to assist, or are interested in investing into this project please reach out to tom@atlan.digital.

If you are keen to learn more about the intersection of ML and Offensive Security do visit our training course:

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