To interact with a beacon, go to Beacons and simply click on the name of the desired beacon (Beacons -> [Beacon]).

The first tab that will open is the terminal, and four others will also appear at the top of the page.


Interact >_

Here, you can conveniently interact with an agent from a terminal

File Browser

You can browse the files on the victim's computer from this page, while also having the ability to upload to and download from their system


You can review all the tasks received by the agent on this page


You can find details here about the agent and the victim's computer


When you download a file from the victim's computer, you can access it on this page

Use turul -h to display the help menu for the terminal

You can run any shell command by simply entering it into the Turul Command Input field.

If you want to open the beacon tab in a small window, simply press the pop-out icon in the upper right menu:

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